Policies & Regulations

Student Dress Code

In warm weather very short skirts or short pants (i.e. above mid thigh), cropped shirts (i.e. shirts which expose the stomach area) “tube tops” and some tank tops (i.e. “spaghetti straps”) are not suitable for school. Backless sandals pose a threat to safety in crowded halls and staircases (no rubber “thongs” or “flip flops” please!) and are prohibited. Wearing pajama tops and pajama pants are not appropriate for school.

In cold weather students should wear warm clothing, including long sleeved shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts. Appropriate outerwear is expected which would include hats, coats and hoods.

On rainy days waterproof coats and hats are necessary. Umbrellas are discouraged since they can create a safety hazard in school.

Attendance Policy

It is universally accepted that regular school attendance is the foundation upon which successful educational and social development are based.

It is expected that all students will attend school every day unless, of course, personal illness prohibits it.

It is also expected that all students arrive at school on time. Chronic absence and lateness is unacceptable. Please remember that attendance is a criteria from promotion.

An “absent note” must be given to the classroom teacher upon a child’s return. The note must explain the student’s absence and be signed by a parent or guardian.

Homework Policy

Homework provides a meaningful extension of the day’s lesson or preparation for planned activities. Assignments are carefully planned to provide higher-level thinking skills.

Homework is assigned daily, Monday through Thursday. Teachers will use discretion when assigning work on weekends and during vacations.

The commonly agreed upon policy is that homework time on task should increase by ten minutes each year:

Homework is checked daily by the teacher.

Students must begin homework assignments with a proper school heading when appropriate. Work must be neatly and carefully completed.

Parents should match assignments to completed work each night and sign homework.

Students should read or be “read to” for pleasure at home each day.

Many Middle School teachers use Edmodo to post daily homework
assignments. Please have your child show you this website once the Parent Consent Form is signed and returned to your child’s teacher.

Parents will be notified promptly via phone or letter of
failure to complete homework assignments.

Visitor Policy

Upon entrance into the school building, a Safety Officer will greet all visitors. Visitors will then be requested to show photo identification, sign the visitor book and state the nature of their visit. The visitor must get a “Visitor’s Pass” from the School Safety Agents. When the visit is terminated, the visitor must return to the security desk to sign out and to exit through the Main Entrance.

Translation Services are available in 8 designated languages.

Care of School Property

We are very proud of our building, equipment and school grounds. Please encourage your children to take care of school property. The cooperation of parents and school staff members is needed to help students learn to respect books, materials, furnishing, equipment and grounds.

School Trips

It is the discretion of each teacher to plan class trips that support and augment their curriculum throughout the year.

Students must have written permission to go on a class trip. Verbal permission is not acceptable. Parent chaperones are needed on every trip. We encourage all students to attend class trips, however, disruptive students must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

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