• Thanksgiving Message from NYC Chancellor Carranza

    November 24, 2020

    Dear Families,   

    As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to express how grateful I am for your patience and partnership, and how honored I am to serve you and your children. We have been through so much together this year. But despite these trying times, we have shown the nation, and the world, that New York City is not just a sprawling metropolis, but a community of good, caring people who—when times are difficult—come together to protect and support each other. 

    Closing all our school buildings to in-person learning for the second time this year has been one of the most painful actions I have had to take as Schools Chancellor. I know it’s disappointing for the hundreds of thousands of students who were thrilled to be back in classrooms learning face-to-face with their teachers and classmates. It is equally hard on adults, who have been forced to make more adjustments to their schedules and lives. However, this is a temporary closure, and we will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. You and your family are part of this effort—because it will take all of us to once again drive COVID-19 rates down so we can reopen our doors to teaching and learning. 

    The increasing levels of COVID-19 infection overall in the city are very concerning, and we must strengthen precautions further for our school communities. Therefore, no student will be permitted to return to the building without a signed consent form for in-school testing. Your consent must be submitted by the first day your child resumes in-person learning. If you have already provided consent via NYCSA or a paper form, we encourage you to submit it again to ensure we have the most up to date form on file. You can find instructions on easy ways to submit consent below.

    In the meantime, we have pulled together some resources to help you and your children get the most out of fully remote learning. In this Update for Families, you will find information on: 

         devices for remote learning 
         attendance requirements for remote instruction 
         grading in the 2020-21 school year 
         how to provide consent for in-school testing (when blended learning resumes) 

    I also want to remind you that the ninth annual Big Apple Awards, honoring outstanding teachers and college and career counselors, recently kicked off. This year, it feels especially important to honor the teachers or counselors who have made a difference in your child’s life. Nominate an educator by January 10, 2021 by visiting the Big Apple Awards website at 

    And a quick reminder for our high school families that the Board of Regents and the New York State Education Department have cancelled all Regents exams that had been scheduled for January 2021. No decisions have been made regarding the June and August 2021 administrations of the Regents exam, but we’ll share updates as we receive them.

    As we continue to focus on immediate issues and needs in this unprecedented year, we are also thinking about the future, especially around middle and high school admissions. We are carefully examining all potential paths for admissions policies for the 2021-22 school year, and we look forward to sharing an update as soon as possible. 

    We have achieved so much together despite so many unsettling challenges. I want to assure you that everyone at the DOE is working tirelessly to ensure your children continue to receive the high-quality education they deserve.  

    On behalf of myself and everyone at the Department of Education, I wish you and your families a happy, healthy Thanksgiving.  


    Richard A. Carranza
    New York City Department of Education

    PS/IS 102Q
  • School Closure for Thursday, November 19, 2020 (Remote Instruction)-Message from Chancellor Carranza

    November 18, 2020

    I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

    All of us at the Department of Education have been so proud to witness the joy of students and educators reuniting and learning together this year. We have been the only major school district in the nation to reopen our buildings. The benefit to hundreds of thousands of students is incredible, as school communities have reconnected in person for learning, growing, and supporting one another.

    All along, we have kept health and safety at the forefront of everything we do. That includes carefully monitoring COVID-19 transmission rates across the city and, when necessary in response to infections, temporarily closing our school buildings and transitioning students to fully remote learning.

    Given recent increases in transmission, we have reached a point in our City’s infection rate that requires all students to transition to remote learning. Beginning Thursday, November 19, all school buildings will be closed, and all learning will proceed remotely for all students, until further notice. You will hear from your principal shortly about next steps for you and your student. Please note that this is a temporary closure, and school buildings will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so.

    I am sure you have many questions, and below you can find some important guidance to provide some answers. As always, we are committed to academic excellence, community-building, and social-emotional support for your child—no matter where they are learning.

    Devices for Remote Learning

    Do you need a device, need technical support or to fix a broken device, or are dealing with a lost or stolen device?
    Call DOE’s IT Help desk at 718-935-5100 and press 5 to get assistance.

    You can also get quick help online:
     Browse tech support topics:
     File a tech support ticket:
     Request a device:
     Get support with a DOE-issued iPad:
     Issues with your Internet connection:

    We are committed to ensuring every student is learning 5 days a week. Your child’s school will support you in remote learning if you currently don’t have a device by providing paper-based work. Contact your school for more info.

    Free Meals for Students and Families

    From 3-5 p.m., New Yorkers of all ages can pick up free meals at 260 Community Meals sites across the city. For a list of sites, please visit

    Learning Bridges

    Learning Bridges, the City’s free childcare program for children in 3-K through 8th grade, will continue to serve families enrolled in blended learning. We will continue to give priority to children of essential workers, as well as students in temporary housing or residing in NYCHA developments, children in foster care or receiving child welfare services, and students with disabilities. Families can learn more and apply at, and new offers will be made to families weekly as seats are available.

    Early Childhood Education

    3-K and Pre-K classrooms in district schools and DOE Pre-K Centers will be closed. If your child attends a program in a community-based center that is not located in a public school, or attends a family childcare program that is part of a DOE network, it will remain open. If you are not sure which type of program your child attends or have questions about your child’s services, please contact your program directly. Strong supports are in place to ensure that these sites can continue operating safely.

    Although we are temporarily shifting to fully remote teaching and learning for all students, if you have recently elected to enroll your child in blended learning, your child will be able to begin in-person learning after we reopen. I know that for many of you, this decision to temporarily close school buildings that we recently opened up will be disappointing, and I understand. But by confronting these challenges together, we can continue to fight back against COVID-19. And I am confident that before long, we will be able to safely reopen our school buildings again.

    Please remember the “Core Four”: wash your hands, wear a face covering, keep six feet of distance from others, and stay home if you’re feeling sick. These are critically important steps that all of us can take every day. 

    We will continue to provide updates, supporting you and everyone in the DOE family as this public health crisis continues to evolve. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s school with any questions or concerns. We are grateful for your partnership and all you do for our city.


    Richard A. Carranza
    New York City Department of Education

    PS/IS 102Q
  • Positive COVID-19 Case at PS/IS 102Q (November 12, 2020)


    Written by the DOE/DOH Test & Trace Situation Room and sent by Principal Weinstein

    Dear P.S. 102 Bayview at 55-24 Van Horn Street Community:

    The health and safety of our students and staff and everyone in the DOE family across the city, is our top priority. We are committed to ensuring you have the information you need on COVID-19 as we continue to navigate this public health emergency together.

    Today we are writing to inform you that one member of our school community has tested positive for COVID-19. At this time, this is the only confirmed case at the school. We are quickly taking all appropriate action and following rigorous protocols developed by the NYC Test + Trace Corps, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC Health), and the New York City Department of Education (DOE).

    Out of an abundance of caution, here is what will happen next to safeguard the health of our school community:

    All students and teachers in the affected class(es) with the individual who tested positive are considered “close contacts,” and have been notified of the need to quarantine for 14 days since the last contact with the person who tested positive.

    These students and teachers will transition to fully remote teaching and learning for this period.

    The NYC Test + Trace Corps and NYC Health will complete their investigation to identify and notify any other close contacts in the building, who will also need to quarantine for 14 days.

    Anyone with a positive COVID-19 test will not return to the school and will be safely separated, until they are no longer infectious. In order to protect the privacy of the individual who has tested positive, we cannot share additional details about the case.

    We will share physical and mental health and wellness resources for you and your child. COVID-19 can be stressful for you and your loved ones. It is natural to feel overwhelmed, sad, anxious and afraid. We want to ensure you can access helpful resources for coping and reducing stress.

    While New Yorkers have done an outstanding job fighting the virus, leading to extremely low infection rates citywide, COVID-19 is still active in our city, state and our country. There will be cases of COVID-19 this school year; we know this, and all of our protocols have been in service of fighting this virus. Our job is to swiftly and effectively handle any cases that appear and be transparent every step of the way. That is what we are doing today.

    We know a lot more than we did in March about how to protect each other from the virus and it’s critical that we continue to act to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our schools. All of us must remember to follow these important “Core Four” actions to prevent COVID-19 transmission:

    · Stay home if sick: Monitor your and your child’s health and stay home if you are sick or keep them home if they are sick, except for getting essential medical care (including COVID-19 testing) and other essential needs.

    · Physical distancing: Stay at least 6 feet away from people who are not members of your household.

    · Wear a face covering: Protect those around you. Wearing a face covering helps reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially if you are sick and don’t have symptoms. For more information about face coverings, visit and look for "FAQ About Face Coverings."

    · Practice healthy hand hygiene: Wash your hands often with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available; clean frequently touched surfaces regularly; avoid touching your face with unwashed hands; and cover your cough or sneeze with your arm, not your hands.

    We will continue to closely follow directions from public health experts and proactively update you on any measures we are taking.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. For additional information on COVID-19, visit or call 311. Finally, to ensure we can rapidly reach you via text and email, please set up a New York City Schools Account (NYCSA) as soon as possible by visiting

    Thank you for your cooperation. Health and safety will always come first in New York City public schools, no matter what.


    Catherine Weinstein

    PS/IS 102Q
  • Accessing COVID-19 Test Results



    Your child's specimen was collected to be tested for COVID-19 by BioReference Laboratories Inc.

    What Happens Next?

    You will be contacted by telephone or email with your child's test results at the phone number or email address provided.

    If your child tests positive for COVID-19:

    Someone from BioReference Laboratories will attempt to reach you, if you provided a telephone number, between the hours of 7AM-8PM.

    You will also receive a call from NYC Test & Trace Corps, who will make you aware of additional resources and recommendations to guide you on next steps including what you may need to be able to safely stay home.

    If your child tests negative for COVID-19:

    You will receive an email with your child's results, if you provided one.

    If you do not receive your child's results report after 3 days and would like a copy, please contact BioReference Laboratories at

    If you have any other questions, please visit or call 311.

    PS/IS 102Q
  • National Field Day

    Please read the Field Day Letter to Parents attached!

    Elementary School
  • Remote Platform Etiquette (October 15, 2020)

    October 15, 2020

    Dear Parents and Guardians:

    As we approach the end of the first week of fully remote instruction of the 2020-2021 school year, we thank you for your patience as we deal with keeping our school community healthy and delivering instruction in person and remotely.

    I am writing to ask you for your cooperation with regard to remote teaching and learning. Since the concept of learning through technology is in our profession to stay, it is important that we all remember that etiquette and appropriateness while learning online is important.

    When your children are learning remotely, the teacher’s role is to create a virtual classroom. Although we understand that parents and family members at times may be in the background to supervise and support young children, you cannot participate in any way during the lessons. During instructional time, students must ask questions in the manner established by the teacher. Thus, you cannot ask questions on behalf of your children or interrupt instruction in any way, including commenting in the chat, during live instruction. In addition, the photographing or recording of live classroom instruction is not allowed as it violates the students right to privacy.

    Communication and trust between teachers and parents is at the heart of what makes this school the success that it is. Just as you trust us to care for and educate the children in person, we expect you to have that same level of trust while teachers are conducting their lessons remotely. Thus, please do not interfere with the instructional process as students engage with their teacher. We appreciate your support and assistance in ensuring appropriate use of our technology by you, our students, and our staff while participating in remote education.

    We have established specific designated times for parents to ask teachers questions during “Office Hours”. Teachers are available during weekly flexible “office hours”, formerly called parent engagement time, to address parent questions and or concerns.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Catherine Weinstein

    PS/IS 102Q
  • Queens Map-Yellow Update from Chancellor Carranza (10/7/2020)

    October 7, 2020

    Dear Families,

    You have done an incredible job fighting COVID-19 since March. However, as you likely are aware, some areas of the city have been experiencing elevated rates of COVID-19 transmission. Out of an abundance of caution, we are closing all school buildings in those geographic areas.

    While your child’s school is not located in one of these areas, it is in an area of concern. Therefore, we are carefully monitoring activity in your child’s school. Additionally, we are working in partnership with the State to implement weekly COVID-19 testing for a random sample of students and staff in your child’s school building. This testing will begin next week. We will continue to proactively communicate any additional steps that may be necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

    But it’s up to all of us, no matter where we are, to continue to take the steps we know are so important in preventing the spread of this virus. Remember the “Core Four”: wash your hands, wear a face covering, keep six feet of distance from others, and stay home if you’re feeling sick. These are critically important steps that all of us can take every day.

    The health and safety of your families and everyone in your school community is our top priority, and we have pledged to keep it at the forefront of everything we do. I know that working together, we can continue to effectively fight back against COVID-19.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s school with any questions or concerns. You can find information about your child’s school, including principal contact information, on our website using “Find a School” at

    As always, we are committed to academic excellence for your child—no matter where they are learning. And we will continue to support you and everyone in the DOE family as this public health crisis continues to evolve.


    Richard A. Carranza
    New York City Department of Education

    PS/IS 102Q
  • Update for Families on COVID-19 Testing (September 29, 2020)

    September 29, 2020

    Dear Families,

    We are so excited to welcome you back into our school building! As we begin this new school year, the health and safety of all students and staff remains our top concern. That’s why many things in our school buildings will look different this year, from face masks to physical distancing in every classroom to disinfecting every school, every night. We are taking all of these steps to ensure that our schools remain safe, our students and staff stay healthy, and that you feel confident sending your children for in-person learning

    Today we are writing to ask for your help with another important element of our health and safety work: testing our students and staff for COVID-19. Keeping school buildings open depends on helping us stay aware of and
    take immediate action to address COVID-19 concerns in our buildings. That’s why we have partnered with NYC Health + Hospitals, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and the NYC Test & Trace Corps to arrange for testing of NYC DOE students and staff for COVID-19 infection.

    Our testing partners will test a randomly selected group of staff and students in schools once per month. The number of children and staff to be tested each month will depend on the size of the school population. In addition to the random monthly testing, we are also working hard to offer in-school testing later this year for students who are showing symptoms of COVID-19, or are a confirmed close contact of someone in the school who has tested positive. The test is easy, quick, and safe. Instead of the “long swab” that goes in the back of the nose, this test is a short, small swab (like a Q-Tip) that goes just in the front of the nose. Later this school year, it is possible that tests will be administered by collecting a small amount of saliva (spit).

    In order for us to administer a COVID-19 test to your child, we need your consent. We strongly encourage you to sign and return the attached consent form as soon as possible.

    Monthly testing of randomly selected staff and students is a vital part of our efforts to prevent COVID-19 transmission in our buildings, because it helps identify positive COVID-19 cases when symptoms are not present. As with other health and safety measures we are requiring to keep our staff and students safe, the success of this testing initiative relies on the partnership and cooperation of staff and students.

    While consent to testing is not mandatory, providing our testing partners with a sufficient monthly sample size to identify the prevalence of COVID-19 is critical in our ongoing fight against this virus and to ensure we can keep school communities in school buildings for in-person learning. For the safety of our school community, students who do not have consent forms on file may be required to learn remotely if we do not receive forms from enough students in the school.

    We want to assure you that if your child is selected for testing but is uncomfortable or unable to be tested, we will not test your child and will work with you to address any concerns so that they can participate in future testing. We are focused on making this a brief, and gentle experience for our students, led by trained testers.

    If your child is tested, we will let you know they were tested and when and how you will receive the results, which will typically be provided within 48-72 hours.

    We know you likely have questions, and we are sharing more information in the attached Frequently Asked Questions document. Please review this with your child.

    Testing in schools will begin in October. You can reach out to your school at any time with any questions or concerns.

    We deeply appreciate your partnership and your commitment to keeping your school community safe and healthy.

    Dave A. Chokshi, MD, MSc
    Commissioner, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

    Ted Long, MD, MHS
    Executive Director, NYC Test & Trace Corps

    Richard A. Carranza
    Chancellor, New York City Department of Education


    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:


    What happens to my child if I do not provide consent?

    We strongly encourage families of all students participating in-person learning to provide consent. The more students that participate, the better our ability will be to monitor COVID-19 transmission in our school communities. This testing is essential to keeping your child and your child’s school community safe and healthy, and ensuring the school building can stay open and in-person learning can continue.

    You and your child always have the right to refuse testing. Families who do not provide consent may be required to participate in remote-only learning.

    How long is my consent in effect?

    Your consent will remain in effect until September 30, 2021. However, you can withdraw consent at any time.

    How do I withdraw consent?

    Notify your child’s school in writing. Your school will designate a contact to receive these communications.


    Will all students be tested?

    All district school students participating in blended learning in grades 1-12 may be included in the random sample.

    Who will be testing my child?

    A trained individual will conduct the test. Testing will be provided by, among others, school nurses, City staff, and our partners: SOMOS, Bio Reference Laboratory, and Fulgent Genetics.

    How will the testing work?

    Once a month, one of these providers will visit your child’s school with a randomly selected list of students and staff to be tested that day. The testing provider will set up in a designated area in the school. Staff from the school or the testing team will visit the appropriate classroom to retrieve students from that class who have been selected to be tested that day; those students will be escorted to the testing area, tested quickly, and then escorted back to their classroom.

    What test will be used? Is it painful?

    The test will use a “short swab” (similar to a Q-tip) that is inserted into the front part of the nose for five to ten seconds. We understand that some students may be nervous about testing, but the test is not painful and should not be uncomfortable for your child. The test should take no more than two minutes from start to finish.

    Will all tests be done by a trained tester, or can some students self- administer tests?

    Some of the test kits can be self-administered. Self-administered means that you can open the kit and follow the directions for inserting a small swab (like a Q-tip) into the front of both nostrils. In schools with these kits, some older students in may be able to self-administer their test if they choose, under the supervision of a testing provider or school staff member.

    Are students escorted to the testing area in a group or one-by-one? Will more than one student be waiting in an area to be tested?

    Students will be escorted with any members of their class/pod who are also being tested. Social distancing will be maintained at all times. Face coverings will be worn at all times, except for the very short period when a student must remove their covering to allow for collection of the test specimen.

    Can parents accompany their children to be tested?

    Unfortunately, no. To maintain the classroom pods and reduce the risk of COVID-19 being introduced into the building, parents will not be able to accompany their children during the test. We understand that this may feel
    scary, particularly for younger children. Our trained staff will ensure the testing is performed swiftly, gently, and in a positive environment for all children.

    How long is the testing process expected to take?

    The cotton swab is in the nose for five to ten seconds, so the entire process of explaining the test to the child and then swabbing them generally takes only minutes.

    How long will my child be out of class?

    The testing will not take long. We do not expect any child to be out of class for more than 15-30 minutes total from the time that they are picked up at their classroom until they are escorted back to class.

    My child is not comfortable communicating in English. Will interpreters be available to explain the process to students who are multilingual learners? If so, how will this be arranged?

    Every testing partner will have policies and procedures for how they provide services to individuals in their preferred language. Please communicate with your principal in advance if you have specific concerns.

    What if my child cannot be tested due to their documented disability?

    If your child has a documented disability and testing would impair your child’s mental or physical health due to that disability, please contact your school to discuss how to proceed.

    If I get my child tested elsewhere, can I share those results and be released from in-school mandatory testing?

    No. To have an accurate understanding of each school population, testing for this program must be performed on a single day, in the school building, and by one provider. If your child is tested at an outside location and
    they test positive you must keep your child home and report that test to your principal. However, no outside test can be counted in the monthly survey.

    How often will my child be tested?

    Testing will occur at each school once per month. Your child will not be tested more than once per month unless they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or have close contact with someone who is confirmed positive for COVID-19. Some children may be chosen for monthly testing more than once during the school year.

    When/how will I know if my child has been chosen for testing?

    You will be notified by your school about two days before your school is scheduled to be tested. By consenting, your child may be included in the random sample for the testing day. If your child is tested, you will be notified after school that day.

    How can I help prepare my child for the test (especially for younger children)?

    You should talk to your child about testing. We encourage you to tell them that the doctors, nurses, and other health professionals at school need to make sure they are healthy, so they are going to do a test for the virus by rubbing a small cotton swab inside the front part of their nose. Remind your child that it’s okay that the school performs this test and that it’s quick, safe, and gentle.

    Are staff being tested?

    Yes, we are asking all staff and students in school buildings to participate in the testing program.


    When will results be available?

    Results will be available within 48-72 hours after the sample is taken.

    When will I receive my child’s results?

    In most instances, parents/guardians will receive results no more than 48 hours after the specimen arrives at the laboratory. You will be able to log into an online portal to access your child’s results. If your child tests positive, you will also receive a call from the provider who completed the testing.

    What happens if my child tests positive?

    You should keep your child home from school and contact their physician. Additionally, the Test & Trace Corps will contact your family to provide resources, connections to care if you require support, and to discuss how to keep your child and other household members safe. The school will also be notified to ensure steps are taken to protect other members of the school community. The Test & Trace Corps will provide your family with resources and will monitor your family for symptoms for 10 to 14 days.

    Will overall results from testing across a school be shared with the school community?

    Yes, but names or any other identifying information of the children or staff who test positive will not be released.

    Will the DOE/City ensure that my child’s personal information remains confidential?

    Any information related to in-school testing is confidential and protected under the New York City Health Code and other local, state, and federal laws. We will store information securely, and only DOE and city staff will
    have access to test results by name and other personal information.

    Where and how will test results be stored?

    Results will be sent to two places: to the State and City Departments of Health, where all communicable disease results are sent; and to the Test & Trace Corps and associated City staff to facilitate closing of classrooms or school buildings and to support contact tracing as necessary to ensure we protect all students, staff, and family members. These entities operate under strict privacy and confidentiality protocols.

    PS/IS 102Q
  • PS/IS 102Q Arrival and Dismissal Doors

    Please use the doors that are specifically designated for the grade level of your child. Do not feel pressured to get multiple children to different doors at the same time.

    We ask that all students follow the calendar and report on their assigned day.

    We also ask for patience in the reopening as we are also taking temperatures of our students as they enter the building.

    We will have 102 staff members at all doors to greet your children and get them safely into the building. We ask that when you are dropping off your chid(ren) that you do not block the entrance of other children.

    PS/IS 102Q
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